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At Stech Controls and Automation we design and manufactur various types of electrical and electronics control panels, catering to the needs of electrical power control, distribution system, process control, instrumentation system and their sub-systems. Our manufacturing programme consists of the following:

Products Manufactured by us:

  • Automatic Power Factor Improvement Panels
  • Demand Monitoring and Control Panels
  • Power Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centers
  • AC/DC Drive Panels
  • Control Desk and Mimic Panels
  • ACB Power Distribution Boards
  • Electrical Bus Ducts
  • Battery Chargers
  • Power Distribution Kiosk and Feeder Pillars
  • Custom Built PLC Based Process Control Systems
  • Custom Built Dozing Systems for Various Industrial Applications
  • Roll Bearing Lubrication Systems for Steel Plants
  • Turbine Speed Monitoring and Control Systems for Power Plants
  • Control Transformers and Ultra Isolation Transformers
  • Length measuring system
  • A.M.F Panels
  • PLC Based Panels
  • Electrical Junction Box
  • Push Button Stations
  • Crank Case Door Safety Valves for Marine Diesel Engines
  • Static Mixture for Homgenous Mixing of Liquids
  • Fail Safe Chemical Earthing Systems


Services Rendered by Us

  • Design of Electrical Power Distribution Systems and their Sub-Systems
  • Ladder Logic Development for PLC Systems as per System Study
  • Energy Audit and Energy Economy Study
  • Techno Legal Documentation in context to Electrical Tariff based on Regulatory Guidelines

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